The Spirit Within – part two

In this day and age of confusion and uncertainly, many people are looking for answers. They go to web sites. They read self help books. They try meditation by just staying still and clearing their minds. They are constantly searching for answers and not finding any. Yes, some of these techniques work – temporarily, but nothing seems to fill the void they feel.

There is a simple answer. One that seems so easy it is scoffed at. They need to look within themselves.

Humans consist of three different parts – mind, body, and spirit. The first two are easily understood. The last one seems to give people a problem.

Spirit is what makes us alive, our true essence. Mind and body only would be a mechanical robot. Our spirit has all the answers needed. The problem comes in because people are avoiding the answers.

We tend to think we know everything and what is best for everyone (ego). Even though we might succeed in having everything the way we desire, there is still that void, that emptiness.

Connecting to our spirit, our true self, is fairly simple. When we connect to our subconscious, we are told what to do. We are given the guide lines by which to live. The more we practice this, the more our spirit comes into our conscious thought, and we find the Light that is within us all.

Once we recognize the Light, and let it shine, it becomes brighter and brighter within us. That void, that empty feeling dissipates.

This is not an article about religion, but one about spirituality. Understand the difference. One gives us the answers from above. The other is man’s interpretation of those answers.

We all know the answers. We all know what we should be doing. We just aren’t listening very well. So I will reiterate. Look within yourself. Deep meditation is a good start.

The problem with meditation is most people do not have the slightest idea how to achieve it. Therefore, by borrowing from my dear friend, Rhiannon Waits, I will attempt to explain it to anyone that cares to try it.

The first step is to sit comfortably and clear your mind. If you try to lie down, you will probably fall asleep, so sitting comfortably will achieve a better result for you. Do not let your mind wander during this time. Just try to concentrate on what I am writing. If you have a tape recorder, I would suggest you read this out loud, then listen to your own voice telling you what to do.

Now, imagine you are walking in a glade, lovely fields and trees around you. The sun is shining warmly and you can see it coming through the leaves of the trees. A slight breeze wafts through the air. You can feel it gently caressing your face and body. You are in a beautiful, serene place. You can see a small lake beyond the trees. You walk to an old tree, one that has been there for generations and you sit down beside that tree and look at the lake in front of you. You can feel the energy of that tree. You become part of that scene. You feel roots coming from you and going deep into the earth, drawing the energy to yourself. Near you is a staircase. You feel your spirit leave your body and walk to that staircase. Do not be afraid. You are in a safe place and nothing can harm your spirit or your body.

As you put your foot on the first step, a red light comes out of your groin area and encircles you. You feel tension start to leave your body. As you take the next step, an orange light comes out from your navel area and it too, encircles you. Now you can see both lights, red and orange, surrounding you. As you take the third step, a yellow light comes out from your waist area and it also encircles you. Tension is leaving your body and you are feeling very relaxed. On the fourth step, a green light comes from your breast area. On the fifth step, a blue light comes from your neck area. On the sixth step a purple light comes from your forehead. You are now encircled with all the colors of the rainbow. The colors are vibrant, beautiful. You are totally relaxed now. As you reach the top of the stairs, a white light comes from the top of your head and reaches to the sky. A shower of golden lights comes down from the heavens, surrounds you and all the colors of the rainbow that are emanating from you.

As you walk along the platform at the top of those steps, you see a door. Walk through it. This is your special place. This is where your guides are waiting to talk to you. As you walk through this door, you see in front of you a beautiful garden full of flowers with all your favorite colors . . . You hear birds chirping in the background. You see angels with shimmering golden wings. One or two come over to where you are standing and begin to speak with you. Stay for as long as you wish. When you decide to leave, and you walk out the door, you look back and the door has disappeared. There is just an area that looks as if you are looking though water. That is your doorway. No one else can find it. No one else has the key. You are the only one that can go to that special place.

As you walk away from your special place, you find yourself floating in air. Attached to you is a rope. At the other end of the rope is a box. This box holds all the hurts, and insecurities and painful experiences of your life. Untie the rope and let the box float away from you, taking all the painful experiences of your life with it. You are free of them. These experiences can no longer influence you. You feel the weight of these experiences lifting from your psyche and you watch them float away in the box. You are free of them for now and ever more.

You see your body lying peacefully under that old tree. You float back down to your body and once again you are in it. You feel the roots, deep in the earth, starting to contract until they are fully detached from the earth. You feel the energy these roots absorbed and it permeates your whole body. You feel wonderful. You feel alive.

You stand up and walk away from that glen. You feel yourself reentering your body that is sitting on that chair. Open your eyes. You are home.

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